Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Caramel Pretzel Cookies

Caramel Pretzel Cookies are the ultimate salty and sweet treat! Get the recipe at
These salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy Caramel Pretzel Cookies are filled with crunchy corn flakes and pretzels, and generously sprinkled with chewy caramel bits. I was in a cookie making mood a few nights ago and had already started stirring a batch together when I discovered that I was out of chocolate chips! (Side note: How does that even happen?)

I scrounged through the pantry and decided to work with what I had on hand. Lo and behold, I’ve found my cookie nirvana. Caramel Pretzel Cookies turned out to be my kryptonite. I found myself grabbing a cookie to snack on every time I walked through the kitchen all weekend!

Caramel Pretzel Cookies are the ultimate salty and sweet treat! Get the recipe at

I’m planning to make these cookies again with my holiday cookie gifts and I can hardly wait. I shared these with friends over the weekend and there were a hit with everyone who tried them. For any fan of salty and sweet treats, these cookies are pure heaven!

I’m sharing the recipe for these Caramel Pretzel Cookies on eBay today, so hop on over and check it out now! {traditional and gluten free recipes are included!}

Caramel Pretzel Cookies are the ultimate salty and sweet treat!

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  1. I am sort of new to baking and have a few questions that may seem silly, as follows for the "sweet & salty caramel pretzel cookies" :

    Is fhe brown sugar packed OR just loosely measured?
    Why use light brown sugar rather than dark brown sugar?
    Why not use 2 eggs rather than 1 egg and 1 egg yolk?
    Why use KOSHER salt?
    Caramel bits, is this like the "Kraft" chewy candy caramels OR something like "Heath" its found in baking aisle?

  2. Brown sugar is almost always packed into the measuring cups in recipes, if it isn't supposed to be packed, you'll typically see that explained in the recipe. Light brown sugar is a milder flavor, you can substitute half dark and half white, if that is what you have on hand. 1 egg, plus a yolk will result in a chewier cookie with a better texture. Kosher salt is my personal preference, you may substitute half the amount of table salt for the Kosher measurements. Last but not least, yes, caramel bits are the chewy little balls of caramel in the baking aisle.

  3. It is so great to learn more delicious recipes from you. Thanks.

  4. Look so delicious! I love cookies so much. Have to try it this afternoon!