Monday, September 26, 2016

In Memory of Joan Hayes #chocolateforjoan

Almost a year ago, we lost a pillar in the food blogging community and many of us gathered together in a virtual memorial to remember Joan Hayes of Chocolate, Chocolate and More with recipes, memories, and plenty of chocolate. This is my post dedicated to Joan, but I wanted to also share my friends' blog posts with you.

Whether Joan touched your life physically, with a giant hug and unending laughter, or with a relationship forged online and just as real, she was a gift to all of us. My memories of her will forever be filled with laughter and joy.

This month we would have been celebrating Joan's 50th birthday with her. So, in her memory, I am sharing these memories with you once more.

Joan Hayes 1966-2015, Photo Credit: Shanna Schad

Christi - Love from the Oven
Amanda - I Am Baker
Rachel - Rachel Cooks
Melissa - Bless This Mess
Lori - Recipe Girl
Barbara - Barbara Bakes
Becca - It's Yummi
Julianne - Beyond Frosting
Heidi - Foodie Crush
Erin - Texanerin
Zainab - Blahnik Baker
Cathy - Noble Pig
Cheryl - Tidy Mom
Dorothy - Crazy for Crust
Nicole - Wonky Wonderful
Jocelyn - Grandbaby Cakes
Amber - Food Fanatic
Aubrey - Real Housemoms
Danielle - Hugs & Cookies
Heather - French Press
Deborah - Taste and Tell
Jocelyn - BruCrewLife
Samantha - Five Heart Home
Kelley - The Grant Life
If you have written a blog post dedicated to Joan and I missed it in this list, please email me a link and I will add it to the list. She was precious to all of us and I'd love to include all of our shared memories here.

You will find the hashtag #chocolateforjoan all over the internet and you can go directly to it with these links for Google, Instagram, and Twitter. Share some chocolate with a friend and make some new memories today. Joan would have wanted us to do that.


  1. So many great memories in all of these post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's fun to see it all in one place. She was a loved lady.

  3. Loved all of Joan's recipes. Never missed a post. Glad the torch will be continued.

  4. thoughts and prayers to Joan and her family(s) that are grieving the loss of a great person. May she rest easy with all those who's lives were dedicated to the art(s) of the food world.

  5. An amazing testament to the love she gave to so many. Thank you, Mary

  6. So so sorry to hear about Joan....I think I belong to her blog too....I belong to so many....not sure if I belong to yours's or not, but I did sign up again in case I haven't..... I am sure this was such a shock to everyone.....she was so young.....but I will continue to use her blog and thanks for posting this about her.....

  7. I've said it before but it bears repeating, Mary you embody Joan's spirit more than anyone else I know, <3

    1. You've made me cry all over again, Sue. Thank you so much for those words. She will continue to be my inspiration. Her generosity and kindness was evident to everyone who knew her.

  8. Sending prayers and condolences to her family and friends. Such a shock to read this. I have really enjoyed her blog. Looking forward to seeing it carried on. Thank you! Carrie

  9. what a beautiful to an amazing lady by so many lives she touched ..thank you for listing them Mary now I can visit all the wonderful blogs who adored Joan and her blog. Thank you xoxo