Thursday, June 4, 2015

Homemade Italian Seasoning

Homemade Italian Seasoning Blend - get the recipe at
Making your own Homemade Italian Seasoning is as easy as combining a few spoonfuls of dried Italian herbs. It takes just a couple minutes to stir together this seasoning mix!

It should come as no surprise to you that I like to make my own spice blends. Homemade Mexican Spice Mix (a.k.a. Taco Seasoning) and Crazy Salt are just a couple of our favorites. I have been making my own Italian Seasoning for a while now. I can't believe it has taken me so long to get this posted it on the blog. You can use this seasoning blend in any recipe that calls for Italian Seasoning.

The beauty of a seasoning blend is most obvious on the nights when I'm rushed, and moving so fast in the kitchen, that it makes a big difference to just be able to drizzle some oil and sprinkle the spice mix along with some salt on our vegetables, potatoes, or rice.

I realize that it only takes a few extra moments to grab all the individual spice jars out of the cupboard, but I find I rarely go to the trouble when I'm in a hurry. Using a pre-mixed blend of spices doesn't take any more time than the usual sprinkling of salt and pepper and yet it adds so much flavor to any dish!

COOK'S NOTE: Feel free to multiply the recipe however you like. I typically double or triple this recipe and keep the mix in a jar with a shaker top ready to use.

Homemade Italian Seasoning
Yield: about 1/4 cup
(printable recipe)

1 tablespoon dried basil
1 tablespoons dried oregano
1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon dried marjoram
2 teaspoons dried sage
1 tablespoon dried rosemary

Combine the basil, oregano, thyme, marjoram, and sage in a small jar. Lightly crush the large pieces of rosemary with your fingers before adding it to the jar. Stir the spices or seal with a lid and shake to combine. Cook with these spices as you would with as any Italian seasoning. Enjoy!

It's so easy to make your own Homemade Italian Seasoning Blend! - get the recipe at

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  1. This is a good way to use up these spices on hand. Pinning to try! Thanks!

  2. Mary! Love the mix of spices and the fact that you omitted the salt (add later), making it a heart healthy alternative! You can't go wrong with Sage, Basil and Rosemary in any mix!

  3. Tried the crispy cheddar chicken, It was a HUGE hit....The entire family loved it...Thanks for a quick easy and yummy recipe. :)

  4. Sounds like a good blend Mary

  5. I really need to do this for how much of it I go through, lol. Great post!