Saturday, November 8, 2014

How To Tie A Roast

"Tie the roast before cooking" - how many times have you skipped over those words in a recipe? I used to skip the tying step every time, because I had no idea how it was done and the couple times I attempted it wound up a mess.  I'm going to show you a frustration free, simple technique that works every single time and the results are well worth the minute or two of effort!

Tying a roast before cooking helps the meat cook evenly and prevents the roast from spreading out as it cooks. The cooked roast will be nice and round and the juices are more likely to stay inside the roast instead of running out of it.

This is as easy as tying your shoes, I promise. (It might even be easier!) If I can learn to tie a great roast, then anyone can do it!

Check out these recipes to make the most of that perfectly tied roast:

Check back tomorrow for a fantastic new roast beef recipe that is perfect for your holiday table!


  1. This is the coolest thing ever--- you are a natural!!

  2. I never knew it was this easy to tie a roast. The mere mention of "tying the roast" intimidated me.
    I'm so glad I watched this video !!

  3. I always tie my roast for the even shape and the nice appearance but DANG! you are so fast at it, it is amazing. Nice video!

    1. The video is sped up a little bit, Chris. I'm not quite THAT fast. ;)