Saturday, July 12, 2014

Knife Skills to Make Life Easier

FREE Knife Skills Class from Barefeet In The Kitchen & Craftsy
Did you know that knives are not designed for chopping? They are designed for slicing. There is a subtle difference there, but it makes a HUGE difference in the results and the energy you'll use preparing your ingredients.

I've recently discovered Craftsy and I'm excited to learn some new skills and share them with you too! Craftsy provides interactive video classes covering everything from basic cooking skills to cake decorating, and so much more. The first class I checked out was Craftsy's Knife Skills Class and I really enjoyed it.

The class is taught by Brendan McDermott and his tips throughout the class were excellent. Brendan has been teaching knife skills at a culinary school for over 8 years and he has worked in restaurants since he was 16. (Side note: he also has martial arts training with knives!) The man is truly a knife skills expert.

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives In 15 Seconds Using Only A Cereal Bowl!

Did you know that you can sharpen a knife in about 15 seconds using a cereal bowl? The class is loaded with moments that will make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?!" I've had a lot of fun trying my new skills in the kitchen over the past week.

The class is almost two hours long, but you can stop and re-start it whenever you like. I watched it over a period of several days and went back to re-watch a couple of sections more than once. (Special thanks to my husband for his help with these photos. It's not easy to photograph your own hands while slicing things in the kitchen!)

Kitchen Knife Skills Tips from Barefeet In The Kitchen

Knife Skills to Make Life Easier:
  • Longer blades are safer and more efficient than shorter blades.
  • Use the back half of the knife and slice (don't chop!) in a circular motion.
  • Always keep your fingers above the blade.
  • Face your nails down to the cutting board, never out towards the knife.
  • Slide a knuckle on the inside of the blade to guide each cut. (awesome tip!)

Watching Brendan slice fresh herbs, parsley, and cilantro blew my mind. I liked it so much, I watched it twice and then went straight to the kitchen to try it myself. (You really should watch him do it! You can go straight to that section at 34:25 of Lesson 4.) Sliced correctly, the herbs should stay dry and separate, making it easier to sprinkle them over and toss them into dishes!

The class is FREE with no strings attached and nothing to sign up for in the future, Craftsy just might change the way you  think of dinner prep time.

{FREE} Knife Skills Class from Barefeet In The Kitchen & Craftsy
The Knife Skills class is FREE and I guarantee that you will learn something new. I lost track of how many great new things I learned, and I thought I was fairly proficient in the kitchen already. Go check out Craftsy now and Register for the Complete Knife Skills Class today!

Barefeet In The Kitchen is a Craftsy partner and this post is sponsored by Craftsy. All thoughts and opinions given are my own.


  1. Wow! I am always looking to improve my knife skills!

  2. OK I just learned so much already! Sharpening a knife on a cereal bowl? Love it!

  3. I have exactly ZERO knife skills, so this has my name written all over it...I'm heading there now...