Monday, September 2, 2013

Sweet Corn Festival - Taylor, AZ

This past weekend, we were fortunate enough to be visiting near Taylor, AZ on the same day they were hosting their Annual Sweet Corn Festival. I couldn't resist the chance to check out the small town as they celebrated their big harvest.

We watched the parade and then headed across the road to see the children's footraces and a muddy game of tug of war. We finished up with a chance to smash a car for charity. The boys are still talking about the sledgehammers they used!

This was our first year at the festival, but not our first chance to taste Taylor's fantastic sweet corn. I've been bribing my brother to bring it down to us each fall for a few years now. I was thrilled to have the chance to pick up some corn and experience the festival for ourselves. If you ever find yourself in Taylor, AZ on the weekend of their corn harvest, I highly recommend that you get your hands on some corn for yourself.

The kids came home exhausted from a day in the sun and I came home craving that corn. I fixed one of our favorite corn skillets for dinner and then grabbed a notebook to do some more recipe planning. I have several dozen ears waiting on the counter tonight and I'm betting it won't last too long!

What are some of YOUR favorite corn recipes?

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  1. I love going to small town festivals. Back in the day my best friend and I would plan weekend road trips around small town festivals. Alot of wonderful memories.

  2. Yummy...I love sweet corn. :-)
    Thankfully, Wisconsin grows some delicious sweet corn too.

  3. Looks like y'all had a blast! That first picture is gorgeous and the latter ones very sweet. :)

  4. What a fun day! Great photos.

  5. I am totally enamored with corn at the moment! THis festival sounds awesome!

  6. Looks like fun!! Chris and I will have to remember this for next year. I mean after living in the Nebraska, I do miss the best sweet corn on earth :) This would be a great substitution!!