Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kitchen Tip: Make Your Own Muffin Liners

Make Your Own Cupcake Liners! - get the tip at
Did you know you can make your own muffin and cupcake liners? With fall's baking season rapidly approaching, you'll want to save this tip for the next time you are making muffins! A few years ago, I ran out of paper liners as I was making pumpkin muffins and I decided to try a trick I saw a while back.
These are simply squares of parchment paper pressed into the muffin cups. Yes, it's every bit as simple as it sounds. Because I'm not the most patient (or remotely perfectionist) sort, I don't cut each square out individually. I simply tear off a good size section of parchment and fold it over a few times until I have a roughly 5-inch square. Next, I cut all the way around the square and I'm left with a stack of square pieces of parchment.

Press each square down into the muffin cups, creasing or folding the edges slightly along the insides of the cup, so that the parchment folds into a cup shape. Don't try to make it perfect, it's just a wrapper to throw away. Drop a scoop of batter into each improvised cup and bake as directed.

My favorite part? The muffins slide right out of the parchment once they were baked. There is no sticky crumbling cupcake liner to mess with later. It takes less than five minutes to make a dozen liners and I love the way they look!

Making your own muffin and cupcake liners is EASY! Find out how at

{originally published 9/13/13 - notes and photos updated 9/17/15}

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  1. I'll never buy cupcake liners again. I love this idea!

  2. I love this tip and will be putting it to good use tonight. No need for the "emergency" trip to the store for muffin liners. Thank you! :)

  3. No messy crumbs or sticky nasty cupcake liners? I'm with Johanna. I'm going to use this method instead of traditional liners in the future. I've got to say that I think they look classier, too!