Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Squash: 30 Zucchini Recipes

30 Must Try Zucchini Recipes - breads, breakfasts, main dishes, and sides! by Barefeet In The Kitchen

If you've ever had a garden with a squash plant (or a neighbor with a squash plant), you've probably had occasion to wonder, "What am I going to do with all this zucchini?!" A few years ago, we planted our first garden. My husband asked me how many squash plants I wanted him to plant and in pure naivety, I answered, "you can't plant too many squash plants for me!"

Three months and 40+ squash plants later; we had a daily harvest of anywhere from a dozen to 3 dozen squash. Italian Zucchini, Eight Balls, One Balls, Crooknecks, Pattypans, Mexican Grey, you name it, we planted it. I LOVE zucchini, but even I reached my limit that year. We gave away bags and boxes of squash to anyone and everyone who was willing to take it off our hands.

The upside to an overabundance of squash is that it forces you to be more creative with your cooking. I baked it, roasted it, sauteed it, stir fried it, dehydrated it (still working on that plan), slivered it, chopped it, pureed it (yikes, that was not a great idea), we even learned that squash can be eaten raw. We ate squash with most of our meals for weeks that summer. We ate so much squash that I didn't crave it again for a couple years. This year? I am giddy all over again to see the first harvest. We chose not to garden this year, but my brother was generous enough to bring me these beauties to play with this week. I can hardly wait!




30 Must Try Zucchini Recipes - breads, breakfasts, main dishes, and sides by Barefeet In The Kitchen

(Recipe originally published 8-13-2012 - photos and notes updated 7-25-2014)

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  1. My husband planted zucchini and yellow squash this past weekend. I'll have to Pin this and come back to it!

    1. Have a Zucchini bread recipe from my Mom's recipes wonderful everyone loves it She will always be in our memories Mom and Dad.