Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Old Fashioned Cocktail recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen
The Old Fashioned is my husband's new favorite drink. He asked me to post the recipe after my sister made one for him while we were visiting last week.* I think he is hoping I'll start making this one for him at home. I laughed a couple times as I was writing this post, because after doing a bit of research it appears that there are a number of opinions on the proper way to make an old-fashioned. Some of them were really quite funny to this not-the-least-bit-pretentious drink maker!

The Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Yield: 1 serving
(printable recipe)

scant 1 teaspoon sugar
2-3 drops of aromatic bitters, Angostura or Fee Brothers brands are preferred
tiny splash of soda water
2.5 ounces of bourbon whiskey, Knob Creek or Maker's Mark work well
Optional: 1 orange slice, 1 maraschino cherry

In the bottom of a short glass, muddle the sugar and bitters along with a tiny splash of soda water, just to help muddle them. If you choose to add the fruits, add them and muddle them as well. (Do not add the whiskey before the sugar has dissolved.) Add the whiskey and stir to combine. Serve over ice, if desired. Enjoy!

* Please Note: This is not a drink for the weak. I couldn't stand it and seriously debated whether to even post it. However, I realize that my beloved Coconut Lemon Sour isn't for everyone. So, this is for those of you that might lean more towards savory cocktails over the sweet ones.

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  1. I am a bourbon girl all the way so this sounds terrific to me. Lovely photo too!

  2. Mary - It was good to hear from you today. Thanks for stopping by and hope you're standing up to the heat okay. In my youth I bartended for my parents parties and remember making Old Fashioned's for someone, but new clue who - my folks liked Manhatten's but couldn't handle too many.

  3. I love classic old cocktails, they never go out of style!

  4. I definitely prefer sweet cocktails, too, but I've had a few sips of old fashioneds and I can appreciate it!

  5. This is my favorite drink! Love it!