Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple Grape Raspberry Spinach Smoothie

Apple Grape Raspberry Spinach Smoothie recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

Sweet apples, sweetly tart green grapes and tart raspberries combined to make a very refreshing and not overly sweet smoothie. The banana is optional, but it will make for a creamier smoothie. The spinach, however, is completely required for this smoothie as it balances the other flavors. My kids and I were not overly impressed with the flavor of the smoothie without the spinach, but once I added the spinach, we all gave it two thumbs up.

* Similar in appearance to the Strawberry Spinach Smoothie, we call this one "Deliciously Ugly" as well

Apple Grape Raspberry Spinach Smoothie
Yield: (2) 8 ounce smoothies
(printable recipe)

1/2 cup coconut water
1 apple, cored and quartered, I used a gala apple
1/2 cup green grapes
1 cup frozen raspberries
Optional: 1 frozen banana
1 large handful or 2 cups baby spinach leaves
Optional: 1 tablespoon of ground chia seeds

Layer ingredients into the blender as listed and puree until smooth. Enjoy!

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  1. che meraviglia! davvero delizioso! complimenti :D baci!

  2. "Deliciously ugly" - love it :) Interesting that spinach is so necessary! I love how healthy this is...although I totally would've guessed chocolate was involved!

  3. What a great way to hide all sorts of good things for kids!

  4. Interesting to toss in spinach, but I bet it's still good and worth a try.

  5. What out of those ingredients brings out that color in the smoothie?

    1. The combination of spinach and red berries produces a brown smoothie most of the time. Not the prettiest, but always tasty!

    2. green + red = brown :)