Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Woods Canyon Lake - Camping Trip 2012

Helping cook oatmeal for breakfast

My family has been getting together for our annual camping trip at Woods Canyon Lake every summer for over 20 years now. My mom very happily makes the following year's reservation when we leave each year. We've grown from the original group of about a dozen people to a much larger group of siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren and even more family members when we are lucky enough to have them. There were 30 of us this year (plus 8 dogs) and it was a fantastic weekend.

A few of my awesome sisters - great sports for a picture on Day 3

The escape from the heat of the valley is reason enough for most of us to look forward to the trip. Adding in volleyball, hiking, endless hours of tabletop games, fishing, boating, creek play and more, made it a fantastic weekend. For some of my family, this is the only time we'll see each other all year. Even those of us who do not truly enjoy tent camping still look forward to this trip all year long.

I was sad to see the last of my family leave this morning. So, I am indulging myself with just a few pictures and a whole lot of great leftovers instead of cooking tonight.

Cousins working hard to relocate an enormous log from the creek.

As I flip through the handful of pictures I remembered to take, I realize that it really would be nice to take more than a few pics next year. We all tend to get so caught up in the fun of the trip that pictures are forgotten until we are headed home.

Have you ever attempted to get three two year olds to face the camera at the same time?! This is the only shot I have of the three of them standing in the same picture! We spent most of the weekend chasing them.

Consider yourself warned, family members. I'll be bringing a fully charged cell phone, camera and a spare camera battery next year!

Everything tastes better when eating outdoors!

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal with Dried Apples and Cranberries


  1. Oh.. how fun! It reminds me of the camping trips we used to take yearly when I was a kid!

  2. Wow, looks like everyone is having fun from young to old!

  3. You guys have so much fun. Love al the pictures.

  4. what a really lovely family get together - looks like all of you are having a ball :))
    Mary x

  5. I loved the pictures, and the memories!

  6. I love family gatherings. It looks like everyone was having a great time.

  7. 30 folks makes you guys a small town - great that you can all get together every year. There's just something about a creek that draws the kids to it. As a map person, I had to find the place on the map and then on Google earth so I could see where you were. Looks like a 6000' altitude increase would help nicely with the heat.

  8. Great family gathering. You are so lucky! These are the greatest of times. I know about the camera thing. I'm always in the middle of things - while I should be behind the camera. Glad you reached a cooler climate :)

  9. Our family loves camping get togethers too, but this years trip to Cades Cove got cancelled due to my parents health issues. Hopefully this fall.....

    Great shots, brings back a lot of memories.