Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Last year, e3 Studios designed the custom header that you see at the top of my blog today. I absolutely love it and could not be happier with it. I am giddy to tell you that RIGHT NOW at The Slow Roasted Italian, my friend Donna is hosting a giveaway of a custom-designed blog header AND logo created by e3 Studios!

I really want one of you to win this package! It is SO much fun to have a graphic artist create something uniquely special for your blog. Don't wait to head over to The Slow Roasted Italian and enter the giveaway today.

I will be back tomorrow with a great new recipe 
using our very first harvest from the garden!


  1. Wahoo ... I am strolling over now to enter :)

  2. I've always been jealous of your logo---I'm heading right over!

  3. I do love your logo - can't wait to see what you harvest from the garden. Our peas have blooms :)

  4. Thank you! So excited about this giveaway!

  5. It's so sweet of you to let us know about this!! thanks and I'm heading right over - I've always loved your header!!
    mary x