Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dehydrated Cinnamon Spice Apple Peels

Dehydrated Cinnamon Spice Apple Peels recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen
Dehydrated Cinnamon Spice Apple Peels are officially the most awesome smelling, worst tasting combination ever created in my kitchen. They were horrible. I love cinnamon. I love apples. I love apple peels. I love all of these things together, but I do not recommend dehydrating this combination.

In theory, they sounded so good! I imagined topping ice cream with them and maybe putting them in oatmeal and eating them as snacks. Unfortunately, dehydrating the peels basically dried out all the lovely apple flavor and left me with funky crunchy bits of dried spices on paper thin peels.

If you would like to see some actual dehydrating successes, check out these apples instead!
Nope, the peels did not look any better close up. Trust me on this. Do not attempt dehydrated apple peels. However, if you have successfully made something like this before and you loved them; I'm open to suggestions for making them edible.


  1. It is to bad the peels didn't turn out tasty. That would of been a great way not to waste the peels.

    I use things like peels for garden fertilizer. I call it composting although all I do is dig a hole in my garden and throw in the days scraps.

    I did make a cough syrup out of apple peels and cinnamon before.

    I didn't realize I wasn't following your blog... I am now.

  2. Well, interesting experiment. Where are all the apples that belong to those peels. You can make your own pectin with apple cores and peels too.

    That is my option for peels when I buy some more apples.

  3. To bad these didn't turn out to taste good because they really look so tasty! Really like your blog and am so glad that I found it!!

  4. Well nuts! I was wanting to try that, but I guess I won't now. I'm glad I looked before I leaped! :0)

  5. one of the things you can do with apple peels after dehydrating them is to put them in a blender and make an apple powder to add to smoothies or make tea with cinnamon and honey. Apple powder can be added to oatmeal etc...Just dehydrate them plain til really crunchy and blend into a powder. No need to waste them !! you can also boil the peels to make apple jelly - for an extra kick add some red hots candy to peels and boil for candy apple jelly. You can search for recipes for the jelly..

  6. I feed them to my Cotswold sheep, they love them along with the bird pecked apples.