Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie with Chia Seeds

Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie with Chia Seeds recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

Have you tried Chia seeds? Do you know what they are? Chia seeds are so good for you! My best friend has encouraged me to try them for ages now. Even knowing how beneficial they are, I've had these sitting patiently in my cabinet for over a month. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a pleasant surprise. They did change the texture of the smoothie a bit. It was a bit thicker, but that was the only real difference I noticed. My boys and I really enjoyed these smoothies. I will be including chia seeds in our future smoothies. I am so glad that I finally tried them. 

Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie with Chia Seeds
(printable recipe) 

2 cups milk
1 teaspoon chia seeds
10-12 medium strawberries, frozen
1/2 cup blueberries, frozen
1-2 tablespoons honey

Layer the above ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.

This recipe makes (3) 10-12 ounce smoothies.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds 

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What are the health benefits of chia seeds? Nutritionally, chia seeds are beneficial because of their extraordinarily high content of omega 3-fatty acids. About 64 per cent of the weight of the seed is omega 3-fatty acids. They contain about 20 per cent protein and 16 per cent fiber.

Quercetin, myristicin, and kaempferol are also in chia seeds. These are naturally occurring antioxidants that help stabilize tissues that otherwise would be affected by allergies.

The greatest benefit of chia seeds today seems to be minimizing the dietary side effects of an uncontrollable sweet tooth, a diet of 50 per cent or more simple sugars. Laboratory experiments with animals find that adding chia seed to a high-sugar diet gradually reduces insulin resistance.

When cells in the muscles and liver are more sensitive to insulin, the pancreas does not have to release as much insulin to keep bloodstream glucose levels normal. When less insulin is released into the bloodstream, fewer fatty acids are stored in fat cells. This is because insulin is approximately 300 times more efficient at storing fatty acids than it is at storing glucose.

The net effect of long-term consumption of chia seeds, in laboratory studies, is reduced body fat, lowered insulin levels, and lowered blood sugars.


  1. Miles and I were talking about these just before campout. You can also sprout the seeds to cook with. Haven't bought any yet but plan on trying them. I am trying to find out their shelf life since the bucket store has a 5 or 10 lb bag for a good price.

  2. Hi Cris,

    Here is what I found regarding the shelf life:
    Shelf life of the dry seeds is 3-5 yrs (needs cool and dark for the full 5 yr) the powder only has a 2 yr shelf life.

    Hope that helps!