Friday, April 1, 2011


Many of the recipes here on the blog are tagged with the label FREEZER MEAL. If the dish can be frozen, you will find the directions at the bottom of the recipe. If you are new to freezer meal planning, I hope the tips included with each of these posts will help you get started.

In addition to these recipes, most breads, muffins, cookie and bar desserts can be frozen. Package the baked goods in an airtight ziploc bag, remove as much air as possible and freeze flat. Thaw at room temperature for a couple hours prior to serving. (However, if you are like me, you might discover that some treats are awesome cold from the freezer!) Muffins can be reheated straight from the freezer. I wrap them in a paper towel or napkin and warm them for about 30 seconds. This makes a quick breakfast as easy as can be!